Cotswolds 2009

 Richard Rooth, who attended the CWP meet in September has generously forwarded these photographs  from the Rally for the pleasure of all. Help with captions and further contributions would be gratefully received.

10/10/09 a few added from Viv.

Click on the thumbnail for the bigger picture



  1. Great pics Richard! Thanks.

  2. What wonderful photos! A lovely day on the Sunday of the rally; so good to see you all again; great company. The craft you brought along were, as ever, splendid! So much care and attention to detail evident in all you do. Thanks for the experience and see you all again next year.


    • Hi Charles, I was really looking forward to being at the rally this year, but circumstances with the building work on our ‘new’ old house made it impossible to get there either on the Saturday or Sunday. I had planned to bring both Sweet Mist and ‘The Rat’ but with my wife presenting a seminar at the house on the Sunday I had to get the floorboards down in her consulting room and it took longer than anticipated due to rotting joists needing replacement! Anyway, I feel due a break from working on the house, so hope to make Cirencester in the spring for a weekend and would be pleased to have you along as joint captain, along with any others who would like to attend an early season meet. I am also looking forward to experimenting with my secret project too – all of the frames are made, just need Xinha to go away for a few days to get it all together, so hopefully will car top it up at the same time! Best regards, Ken

      • Hello Ken,

        Good of you to get in touch. I did ask after you on the Sunday of the meet, and Chris said you had domestic duties! We missed the fair lines of “Sweet Mist”. I would certainly be interested in meeting up again in the spring; just let me know of your intentions and as long as I haven’t other pre-booked commitments that clash, I shall be pleased to join you. The “secret project” sounds intriguing! I look forward to a sneak preview.
        All the best for now and see you in the new year.

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