Rally cake

Those who have been to the same Rallies as me may know of my tradition of bringing a few loaf cakes along, a particularly healthy recipe with no heavy fats in it, in various forms. A number of requests have been made for the recipe. So for all those suffering withdrawal symptoms from mixing Epoxy and other noxious substances here is a cake you can make without weighing any ingredients – it is all based on volume. Precision is not the name of the game in this, I think it is pretty idiot proof, well if I can do it .. . . . .

Of course if you cut your fingers off, poison yourself and the family or otherwise damage your health following this recipe – it’s not my fault!

If you try it please leave a comment of encouragement or warning, as appropriate, for other potential consumers.

Chris P(N)



 Zest of 1 large lemon

Pot of lemon yoghurt (150g) {works just as well with orange yoghurt}

3 pots of self-raising flour

1.5 pots of sugar {normally 2 pots of sugar but seems to be just as acceptable with reduced sugar}

1 pot of cooking oil/olive oil

1 half t/spoon of baking powder

3 large eggs


Mix gently in a bowl, turn into lined tin/s and bake for 50 min at 150 ° C (if a conventional oven probably 160 ° C, mine are fan ovens)

Pour the Juice of the lemon over the warm cake and apply a light sprinkling of sugar.

Provides enough to make 2 9×5 loaf cakes.


I vary the mix by adding ground mixed spice, mixed fruit and glace cherries to taste. A version just with the addition of glace cherries is also pleasant. In fact use your imagination, I suspect there are endless variations to the basic theme.



  1. […] weight in her, I really must get to grips with the diet, or more simply just stop baking so much cake, no matter how healthy the recipe may be it is still excess fuel which just reduces the freeboard. […]

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