Cotswolds 2006

UK Home Built Boat Regatta – 16/17 September 2006.

It happened, it was a great success!

21 boats came to Cotswold Water Park over the two days, and a good time was had by all. The boats ranged from a 7ft canoe, to a 24ft yacht (both having their maiden voyages).

Saturday saw a somewhat grey and misty day, but with sufficient breeze to get move boats well. Sunday dawned misty, but the sun soon broke through, though sadly with less wind.

The event is going to be repeated, with local/regional rallies in the spring, and a national event on the 1st Weekend in September which will move around the country each year.

The boats that came…

Tony Sluce’s Highlander 12 “Fraoch”. Originally a tender for a cruising yacht, then converted to sail.


Richard Gardner’s Yamato BoatSelway FisherMaiden Voyage at the Rally, with family gathered from far and wide.  
Graham Neil’s Whilly Tern “Caitlin”. Designed by Iain Oughtred


Chris Adeney’s Woods Linnet.  
Paul Hadley’s Lynx 14 “MilliBee” Designed by Selway Fisher. First time under sail at the Rally.


Peter Nobes’ Waterman 16 “Serafina”Lata Nobes’ Ranger 8 “Dunnock” – maiden launch. Both designed by Selway Fisher.  


Barry O’Hara’s Petit Brise 12 Selway Fisher



Mark Robins in his Percy Blandford canvas Canoe  


Mark Matthews PBO Pup

Ken & Grace DaSilva-Hill’s Weekender “Sweet Mist” Stevenson Yachts
Wayne Oliver’s Natzio Oystercatcher “Ever Hopeful”. She arrived with some varnish still tacky for her maiden launch.
Chris Partridge’s Sandpiper “Nessy” Conrad Natzio


Katie Fisher’s Baby Raven, paddled by Paul Fisher (a family affair!)  
David Bewick’s Highlander 14 “Puffin” Selway Fisher


Duncan Gilchrist’s Swallowboats Osprey “Mary Ewart”  


Ivan Watkin’s DD19 CanoeDesigner Dennis Davies  
Jim Fitzpatrick’s Farthing “Sheer Indulgence”
Charles Todd’s Heron “Ratspaw 2”. Charles did not even know that the rally was happening over the weekend, and never have I seen a man with such a happy smile on his face to have so many other home built boats around.
Phil Oxborrow’s SFD Prospector “Tonawanda”, unusually seen without Gem the dog in her bow.
Matt Newlands of Swallow Boats brought along this Storm 15.

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