Cotswolds 2008

UK-HBBR Rally, Cotswold Water Park, South Gloustershire 6 /7th September 2008

Despite the appalling weather around the Cotswolds the Rally site managed to remain relatively rain free, indeed the Sunday was DRY. That said there was plenty of evidence of previous deluges and I have never seen the area with so much mud. The usual suspects were joined by some ‘newbies’ who made a very welcome addition to the group. A very large vote of thanks goes to Tim O’Connor who brought a large raincheater along for the BBQ, the forecast dry evening was about the only time we had significant rain. Those who were camping were provided with free late night entertainment courtesy of the Keynes Country Park, once the amps were turned off in the wee small hours an all too brief interlude of relative peace reigned untill the Triathlon competitors were raised by an early morning alarm call. An issue of matchsticks would have helped to hold up the drooping eyelids on Sunday. None the less relatively good humour was displayed by all. One very pleasant surprise was to see Charles Todd with Ratspaw 2, he had been on the lake (it’s his local sailing water) at the first rally in 2006 and spotted this years one and decided to renew aquaintance – two rallies must mean, Charles, that you are officially a member of our non group. Sign up for the Forum or keep our ‘Future Events’ page in your favourites on your Web browser, see you next year. Ian Ruston had intended to show off his newly completed Lynx 14, Deux Chevaux, at this Rally (at one stage it looked as though it would never be finished due to epoxy sensitisation), unfortunately pressure of work meant that he was unable to make the journey from deepest Norfolk, he did take to the water in a spirit of solidarity and sent a snap (below) showing the atrocious conditions he had to suffer.
14 boats took to the water over the weekend from a wide range of styles, building methods and designers. They all had one thing in common though, they were all the pride and joy of their builders and crew. I was struck, yet again, by how this disparate collection of individuals who only have a love of boatbuilding and no enthusiasm for Organisation in common manage to gel into such a friendly and helpful bunch.
Chris P(N)

Member                      Boat Name            Designer                   Model

Charles Todd                  Ratspaw 2               J Holt                       Heron
Tim O’Connor                 Wotever                 Walt Simmons           Lapstrake canoe
Tim O’Connor                Wotfour                  CLC                           Chesapeak Kayak
Ken & Grace DaSilva       Sweet Mist             Stevenson                Weekender
Chris Partridge              Snarleyow               Wolstenholme             Sprite
Chris & Viv Perkins         Polly’s Folly            Selway-Fisher           Highlander 14
Chris & Viv Perkins         Stangarra               Oughtred                  Stickleback Canoe
Wayne Oliver                 Ever Hopeful           Natzio                       Oystercatcher
Paul Hadley                   Canoodle                Selway-Fisher             Little Kate
Grahan Neil                   B&Q                        Selway-Fisher             Ranger 12
Richard Rooth               Inwe                       Oughtred                     Elf
Steve Brown                  Storm                    Dennis Davies             DD 19
Phil Oxborrow & Gem   Tonawanda             Selway-Fisher             Prospector
John Lockwood            T.B.A.                    Motor Bt & Yoting        Moby Variant

more pictures and words will be added over the next day or so, as usual click on thumbnail to see the big picture



  1. Charles,
    We were delighted to see you again, we will be back next year – possibly a few weeks later to try and catch the better weather. Keep an eye on ‘future events’ here or why not sign up to the forum and catch the latest gossip and news. Try to get your Rugby club to avoid our dates next year and have a full weekend with us and play with some of our creations.
    Chris P(N)

  2. Dear Chris,
    Thank you for all turning up to “my lake” again this year. Great photos to relive the memories. I still have a big grin on my face following the opportunity to chat with everyone and to look at those wonderful boats you all bring. Ken’s “Sweet Mist” is such a characterful craft and I love the sailing canoes.
    Hope to see you all next year.

  3. […] Thanks Chris! It sounds very much like a classic American-style messabout, all except for the ritual of serving and eating hominy grits. And isn’t it a relief that there doesn’t seem to have been any need for a race? For more details and lots more photos, see the report at the HBBR website. […]

  4. A great soggy weekend. At last learned to sail with that tiller, thanks to a bit more wind this year. Thanks Chris. Next year I’ll bring some ear defenders! Seriously, great to renew friendships and have a really fun weekend with some great discussions and even good advice. See you soon. Richard

  5. What a great weekend. The weather was kind to us!! Very nice boats, a good bar-b-que on the Saturday evening, and above all, very friendly and helpful people. Thanks to Chris Perkins for organising it all and for the loan of his immaculate boat “Pollys Folly”. I would also like to thank Tim O’Connor for his impromptu sailing lessons on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons (very useful). Hope we all meet up again soon. Have a good winter of boat building. Steve Brown

  6. A great weekend! Despite the typical HBBR weather and the long night of throbbing bass it was great to see everyone and confirm once again your not the only crazy fool working away through those long winter nights. See you all again soon. Graham

  7. What a great weekend, despite the Michael Fish weather, the corporate entertainment of a million deep base decibles, and the mud (specially imported from reading?), a relaxed and perfect meeting. I loved Waynes Lugger – HBBR smuggler or what? Anarchist boatbuilders – who needs organisation to have this much fun? We look forward to the next one, Ken & Grace

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