Loch Ard Rally 2007

Scottish Meet – Loch Ard _ 20th May 2007

Due to the abysmal weather forecast the main event was shortened from the planned weekend to the Sunday although Arthur and Roddy both arrived and launched on the Saturday afternoon. Hosts, the Loch Ard Sailing Club (http://www.lochardsc.org.uk), made us very welcome; the site was superb with excellent launching facilities and a nice shelving beach for the canoes.

Seven Boats were there in the end…

Steam Launches Talisker (Tom Peebles), Silkie (?) and Brunel (Roger Martin), all regulars on the Loch and at the Portsoy STBF.

Sailing – Weekender ‘Greygoose’ built by Roddy Hill and crewed by ‘Uncle’ Alex, and though they were not strictly speaking part of our event, a 37 year old Heron Dinghy and a 40 year old Enterprise, both home-built, were taking part in the LASC afternoon races.

Canoes – Jim Day’s kayak, Arthur Jones’ SFD Waterman ‘Wayward’, and Chis Perkins’ Oughtred MacGregor ‘Scotch Mist’ having its first (nervous) taste of water.

The weather on Saturday was absolutely atrocious, raising the Loch by more than a few inches, but after one west highland downpour around midday on Sunday, the skies cleared for most of the rest of the afternoon with some good spells of sunshine. The greatest natural hazard to be faced was an unseasonably early attack of the dreaded midgie. Gentle winds were the order of the day – indeed flat calm prevailed later in the afternoon allowing Roddy to demonstrate the use of his ‘Yuloh’ getting back to the slip.

words by Alec Jordan & Chris Perkins

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  1. Nice little website. Wish i had been there on the day you visited.

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