Cotswolds 2010

Opening the curtains on the morning of 11th September revealed heavy rain and leaden skies – typical HBBR weather. However by lunchtime the rain had moved eastwards and skies had cleared to give a gloriously warm and sun drenched afternoon. The wind was just right for some spirited sailing although a bit intimidating for those of restricted beam. Sunday was forecast to be somewhat lighter – although in the end it could be best described as variable, as was the cloud cover. Since Watercraft mag has introduced an innovation prize in the Beale ABBA comp it is perhaps worth mentioning Tim O’Connor’s Walt Simmons canoe fitted with the Hobie Mirage drive – relaxed recumbent canoing at its best – and Jeremy Harris’s high efficiency electric drive to be fitted in his new hull, we look forward to seeing this in action at a future meet.

 The barbeque was well appreciated and copious quantities of food were consumed washed down by the beverage of choice. Attendance was good with some 15 boats on the water over the weekend. Thanks are due to Paul and Dilys who looked after the organising, Tim for bringing the Rain insurance (unused Marquee) and not least the  Waterland  people for use of their facilities. Pictures tell the tale better than words so here are a selection from the weekend.

As usual click on the thumbnail for the bigger picture





  1. Great to see you all again this year. The sun shone and the wind blew. Loved sailing Steve Brown’s beautifully built boat. Look forward to seeing you all again next year, unless you head up to Ullapool, which will be too cold,wet and far for me.

    have fun!


  2. Gentlemen!
    A fine rally this year, with good turnout. (At least it looks like everyone had a good time from over here in the US.)
    I’m not too sure about the paddle boat – how does one pull up on the beach?
    The boat that caught my eye is Dave Proctor’s skiff. Sure would like to know more about it, Dave.

    michael b. (doryman)

    • Thanks for the response Michael – good point about the peddle boat, I have added a few snaps at the end to illustrate the generalities. I understand there should be an article shortly in Watercraft in which Tim will give chapter and verse on the operation he performed on his canoe.
      Dave’s Skiff is very pretty but looked a little overcanvassed to my nervous eye – I noted he left Mary Dog safely ashore while he sailed, a precautionary measure Dave?


    • Mirage drive does have limitations, no reverse and no sideways mean a paddle is still useful.

      No problem with beaching though. Just kick the peddles to the limit of their travel and the fins simply fold flat against the hull as you slide neatly onto the sand.

      Was a really good weekend. Superb weather helped as well as the usual great company and fascinating mix of boats.

      Thanks Paul for doing the organising.

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