Posted by: strathkanchris | June 7, 2010

The HBBR at Beale 2010

Beale 2010 reverted to its normal brilliant weather and saw some notable activity from HBBR stalwarts. Most worthy of note were the Wooldridge junior boatbuilders who stepped into the breach and helped build a paddling cat over the weekend. The Beer tent provided a suitable rendezvous for people to gather, far busier on the Saturday so perhaps numbers weren’t too bad although the lack of trade stands of use to home builders was regrettably noticeable. I went with a wallet full of folding stuff and only managed to restock with Balcotan glue – no epoxy. no glittering bronze to tempt one – pretty disappointing on the whole. On reflection I think the show survives because of its atmosphere – it gets more like a family reunion every year, without all the angst of family reunions. I regret that I was so stunned by the vision of the Harvey’s in matching T shirts that I neglected to grab a quick snap – nice one lads, and very much appreciated.



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