Posted by: ukhbbr | September 15, 2008

Beginner’s Clunky Ply – Introduction

 An adventure in Clinker Ply Boatbuilding

Being an attempt to short circuit the learning process by means of Q&A between two UK-HBBR members at opposite ends of the country.  The project is one of Paul Fishers sailing canoes, the Woodland 15 .

Woodland 15 sailing canoe

The two members concerned both have a few boats under their belts, Southernman (S) has built in the more common Stitch and Tape method but has repeatedly been advised that clinker ply, (lapstrake ply in our former colony across the Atlantic) is far easier and less messy by Northernman (N) who has so far built four by this method, his aversion to S&T is based on experience having built two boats by that method in his early days, being a bone idle sort he finds it all too much like hard work.
This document will consist of Questions put by S to N as problems occur. Please feel free to comment (using the box below) if you disagree or have an alternative solution. N certainly would not claim to be knowledgable on the subject, responses will be based on his experiences – good and bad – in building boats at home. Most illustrations will be as thumbnails to help the page load in a reasonable time for those with dial up. Clicking on the image will bring an enlarged version to your screen.


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