Posted by: portnastorm | June 17, 2008

Your Cheating Heart

Christopher at Beal Park 2008Having sworn my love for the Wolstenholme Coot,  my wandering eye has landed on Oughtred’s Tammie Norrie, is there no end to this torment?

Actually I really wanted to see where an unclassified blog would land on the site!




  1. Coot is lovely, best shear ever. Quite small though. Loved mine, felt a bit small in the Solent. Tammie Norrie much bigger dinghy. Sails really well. Much better than I expected as a sail and oar design. Might be able to get you out in one in August if you are really keen.
    I am currently “cheating” on a “Solo Expedition Boat” with super simple design even I might manage it.

  2. Must say your taste is impeccable as ever, apart from the rather silly name (IMHO) this is a sweet little thing and has caught my eye certainly for the last two years and memory say’s she was there in 06 as well – but memory aint what it was, like a lot else.


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